Conex Transport and Portable Warehousing

Conex Box Transportation & Storage

Watch this video to see one of our intermodal sidelifter trucks in action, and imagine how it can save you time and money in your application!

Orbital Swinglift Conex Box Intermodal Services

Conex boxes go by many different names; intermodal containers, Sea cans, shipping containers, or ISO containers, however, regardless of the name given, the purpose and design of these steel modular structures is to allow for intermodal shipping– the movement of containers from one mode of transport to another (ship, rail, or truck) without the need to load and unload, then reload its contents.

Our unique intermodal sidelifter mobile crane trucks are capable of lifting and moving fully-loaded conex shipping containers. The sideloading truck and trailer allows us to lift conex containers straight up and set them straight down (no tilting)! Orbital intermodal sidelifter trucks utilize self-contained loading technology and can safely transport and handle fully loaded 10, 20, 40, or 45 foot conex storage containers.

Level Lift Conex Box Containers

Orbital Transport uses revolutionary intermodal sidelifter mobile crane trucks that are able to level lift loaded conex shipping containers. Our unique ability to level lift loaded conex containers without tipping them saves you time and money! Our side loading container trailer and sidelifter trucks result in less restrictions than conventional trucks and more efficient container handling solutions.

Mobile & Secure On-site Storage Solutions

Orbital Transport provides long and short-term storage and warehousing solutions for your business on-site operations.  Our portable warehousing solution offers safety, security, and cost benefits.   Eliminate the need to lease warehouse space off-site by utilizing our modular warehouse units, and save yourself time and money in material transfers and security. 

Our heavy duty corten steel conex storage containers sit directly on the ground, which creates a rapid turnkey setup and provides a cost-effective solution. When you are done at the job site, we can quickly level-lift and transport your LOADED storage container to its next location! Our unique intermodal sidelifter mobile crane trucks make it quick and easy for you to use conex containers as an optimal and cost-effective mobile warehousing solution.

Conex Portable Storage Rental

Portable Storage and Warehousing Applications:

  • Tool & equipment storage 
  • Temporary office or storefront
  • Commercial & industrial storage
  • Construction & contractor on-site storage
  • Temporary job-site signage
  • Stackable portable storage units

To learn more about Orbital Transport’s shipping container rentals, please visit our container rental page. We offer 20 and 40 foot storage containers.

Modified Container Storage

The materials and tools you bring to a jobsite are essential and expensive. Protect your investment from weather and theft with our heavy duty steel conex storage containers. Unlike other services, our storage containers are heavy duty, weather proof, and feature thick steel walls. We are able to customize conex shipping containers to meet a variety of needs. Please visit our Modification page to see how we can transform a simple storage container into a mobile warehouse solution!

Eliminate the need for stairs on your job site by setting your storage container directly on the ground. No more going up and down stairs loaded down with heavy supplies and equipment. No more worrying about rain, snow, or ice on stairs at your job site. Just open the doors and your teams have ground-level access to all of your materials and supplies. Ground-level access reduces accidents!  Turnkey setup: Move and set your loaded storage units and start working immediately!

Reasons to Choose Orbital Intermodal Transportation:

  • Transportation Provided for Any 20 or 40 Foot Standard Shipping Container
  • Unique, Intermodal Sidelifter Mobile Crane Trucks: No Tipping!
  • 20’ and 40’ Shipping and Storage Container Rentals
  • Custom Container Modifications
  • Mobile Warehousing Storage
  • Onsite Ground Level Container Delivery
  • Continental US Shipping & Delivery

Orbital Transport is reliable and offers unique solutions to your transportation needs. Contact us today to learn more about Orbital Transport!

Level Lifting Sidelifter Trucks to Transport Containers & Conex Boxes

National Delivery​

Orbital Transport, as a vendor of, offers national delivery. We can ship your container, rent you a container, or move a 3rd party container for you. 


History: The origin of standardized steel shipping containers dates to World War II, when commercial shipping operators and the U.S. military developed a way to efficiently ship goods overseas and across the country while keeping them safe.

The logistics method associated with this type of shipping was referred to as Container Express and abbreviated as “ConEx.” This abbreviation became universal and was later used to identify the entire category of shipping containers – eventually becoming a single term: Conex.

Conex boxes come in a variety of standardized sizes and capacities: 20-ft containers are the most common, followed by 40-ft, and then 10-ft containers and all are typically 8-ft wide and 8-ft 6-in tall.

Depend on Our Pros to Share the Load.

When it comes to shipping containers, you can forget about the complexities and leave the logistics to the pros at Orbital Transport. If it’s in a shipping container, we provide a turnkey solution; load it, move it, and store it.

If you have any questions about your cargo container needs, give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

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