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Common Questions


What are the qualifications for an owner-operator to become a contractor for Orbital Transport?

  • CDL A License or CDL A employees 
  • Hard working 
  • Flexible schedule
  • Financial responsibility 
  • Clean driving record

Exclusive Purchasing Discounts

What are the benefits of being part of Orbital Transport’s Purchasing Power Program?

  • Cost Savings: We offer exclusive access to pass-through preferred pricing on essential items like tires, fuel, filters, parts and supplies resulting in significant cost savings for your business. 
  • Enhanced Profit Margins: Our buying group program can lower procurement costs which directly contributes to improving your bottom-line profit, putting more money in your pocket. 
  • Operational Efficiency: We provide continuous operational and administrative support resulting in smoother operations and quicker payment for your services. 


Does an Orbital Transport partner’s truck have to meet certain specifications?

  • CDL A tandem axle tractor 
  • Dashcam and GPS tracking are a safety and compliance necessity. 
  • On-board tablet for communication 


Does Orbital Transport employ drivers?

  • As a partner you will be an independent contractor or the owner employing drivers. 
  • Orbital takes care of the regulatory compliance requirements of trucking. 


What insurance is required?

  • As an independent contractor, you will be responsible for medical and workers compensation insurance, and for your truck and trailer insurance for collision, comprehensive and liability insurance.  You will also be required to have Load insurance. 
  • While working at the direction of Orbital for moving their customer’s containers, liability insurance is Orbital’s/Carrier’s responsibility. 


Do you have a lease purchase program? 

  • We have a very reasonable lease purchase plan tailored to the equipment and the local market.


Do you have an orientation program?

  • Onsite training for drivers and partners.
  • Software training and support. 

Plates and Permits

Do you supply permits or provide base plates or have a purchase program for base plates?

  • Leased equipment is plated by Orbital.
  • Door tags and MC and DOT numbers are provided by Orbital Transport. 
  • Permits are supplied by Orbital for any Permitted load. 


How are Orbital Transport partners paid? 

  • Weekly settlement payments for the previous week’s work. 

How much money can an Orbital Transport partner expect to make with Orbital Transport? 

  • It depends on the market, and how much a partner can handle. In a major metropolitan area like Seattle we are seeing a return on the initial investment and positive cash flow in 90 days. 

Scope of Services

Where does Orbital Transport operate in North America?

  • Currently we operate in the lower 48 states and have partnered with different companies to move containers throughout the world. 

Do you have dedicated regional run areas?

  • It is rare to have dedicated runs. As you and your operators become more confident and efficient your reach will expand. 
  • We strive to get your team home every night. The volume of loads beats miles every day!

Stability & Longevity

Is Orbital Transport a reliable and stable company to partner with?

  • Proven Track Record: Orbital Transport has successfully served dozens of contractors and industries across the Midwest for over two decades, demonstrating consistent performance and reliability.
  • Industry Expertise: With extensive experience, we understand the unique challenges of side loader truck’s container transport, and offer our support to promote  smooth operations and dependable service.
  • Longevity: Our sustained presence in the logistics industry reflects stability and a commitment to meeting customer needs successfully.

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